The research group of Ilà is composed of people with a specific training in the Arabic Language and in the related culture.

Both those who developed the certificate tests and those who gave their contribution with images, calligraphy and everything needed to the realisation of Ilà, live and practice the Arabic language and culture in an international context and have chosen to take part in the project with the common aim of giving a marked characterisation, in its various expressions and manifestations.


Jolanda Guardi
President and Scientific Director

Those who have something new and important to say want to be understood. They will therefore do everything possible to write in a simple and clear way. Nothing is easier than difficult writing.
(K. R. Popper)


Nadia Rocchetti
Vice President

La utopía está en el horizonte. Yo sé muy bien que nunca la alcanzaré. Que si yo camino diez pasos, ella se alejará diez pasos.
¿Entonces para qué sirve? Pues, la utopía sirve para eso, para caminar.
(F. Birri)


Hocine Benchina

Following the traditions does not mean that the deads are alive but that the ones alive are dead.
(Ibn Khaldun)



Dragana Djordjevic

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
(C. Sagan)

Saida Hamdaoui

I don’t have anything nicer and dearer than the desire to know.


Gianmaria Sortino

Every man should pull a boat over a
mountain once in his life.
(W. Herzog)

Alice Sabatini

We’re in this together/Random hearts
that beat for each other/Random hearts in a cruel,
cruel world
(L. J. Grace)


Gabriella Dugoni

Sois toujours poète, même en prose
(Charles Baudelaire)

Paolo Daniele Corda

Guardare ai piccoli vantaggi
impedisce alle grandi opere di venire realizzate


Marco Soave

Home is not where you were born.
Home is where all your attempts to escape cease.
(Naguib Mahfouz)

Waad Jeaash

Shoot for the moon,
and if you miss you will still be among the stars.
(Les Brown)


Bohdan Horvat