Advanced Postgraduate Programme in Arab Studies

Description: The Advanced Postgraduate Programme in Arab Studies has been developed out of the need to prepare professionals with solid proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).
The program envisages that the majority of the total number of hours will be devoted to courses in Modern Standard Arabic, translation and interpreting, as well as to courses in sectorial disciplines taught entirely in Arabic by native speakers, in order to enhance the language skills of the participants; workshops with practical activities and exercises, cultural courses on Arab societies, and internships are also planned.
During the course, the participants will be prepared to take the CEFR Level B (B1/B2) exam of the Ilà® Certification of the Arabic Language.

Scientific Direction: Jolanda Guardi.

Administrative direction: LIMEC SSML Milan.

Teaching Coordination: Marco Soave.

Location: LIMEC SSML Milan.

Partners: Centro Studi Ilà®, Al-Mutawassit Editions.

Addressees: anyone (worker and student) with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and who has three certified study years of Modern Standard Arabic. Applications from people with different educational backgrounds will be evaluated individually upon submission of curriculum vitae. The course will be activated upon reaching at least 20 participants.

Aim: to train professionals in different fields, competent at level B2 of CEFR in Modern Standard Arabic.

Output Profiles: interpreters, cultural-linguistic mediators in public administration, courts and social-health facilities, editorial and technical-scientific translators, experts in Arabic terminology, consultants for professional firms and professionals in the legal, commercial and economic field, media, journalism, fashion & luxury.

Mode: online (one lab excluded).

Languages: Arabic and Italian.

Duration: from October to July of the following year.

ECTS: 60.

Amount of hours: 1,500.

Final examination: the final certificate is awarded upon passing the final examination of each course/workshop, upon verification of attendance at min. 75% of the lectures, and upon submission of the final paper (written in Arabic).

Cost: €4000. The cost of participation in the Ilà® Certification exam is not included.