ILA Certificate: Application Procedure

Exam fee for A1 level € 60,00
Exam fee for A2 level € 80,00
The fee includes the exam and the diploma (delivery by mail included)

Training fee for A1 level € 130,00
Training fee for A2 level € 180,00
The fee includes the hours of training (4h for A1, 6h for A2), the syllabus with sample papers and all the materials.

10% discount for Exam + training package:
A1: Exam + training € 170,00
A2: Exam + training € 234,00

To apply please fill in the online module and perform payment through:
– Bank transfer (please specify the level in the reason for payment).
IBAN: IT 80 I 05584 01660 0000 0000 1870 – BPM Ag. 349 Milano

For further information about payment please contact